There are a number of recording studios in Perth offering services both to professional and amateur artists. Despite the disruption caused by the new digital age, these studios are meeting the challenges of a new age of digital recordings and home studios. How music production and consumption is distributed have changed the face of the music industry. In 2013 sales of recorded music dropped by 11 per cent, with digital music taking 39 per cent the industry’s revenue. Home studios have become a growth area in the music production industry with home computers able to compete with recording studios that are now almost entirely digital. Digital Audio software workstations (DAW) can do the job most recording studios can do in recording, editing and mixing. Microphones, studio monitors and headphones are no longer too expensive for the home studio, so equipping a space to record music is now commonplace.

The competition in music production has forced many recording studios to face huge challenges. Recording engineers can no longer hope to make a viable income with diversifying. For example, some big recording studios like Abbey Road in London, is now a school for recording engineers and technicians. Recording studios in Perth offer a wide range of services. The inclusion of amateurs wishing to record their voices, whether for personal use or for sending to prospective music agents has experienced a growth over the past decade. Also, whilst the music recording industry may be undergoing disruption, professional recording studios are adapting to new technology with the accessibility of cloud-powered software that is beginning to revolutionize music production. In this way production studios can offer the best value for money for their customers.

With professional studios being now able to compete in a huge market, the issue of whether to have a home studio is becoming a less viable option. Even given what a home computer can do, most people soon discover that the tiny space they have allocated for their home studio can provide the acoustics they need. This means that the home studio will never be able to sound as good as a professional studio. Professional recording studios usually spend considerable time and money getting acoustics right. Also even thought digital home equipment is now relatively inexpensive, it will still take a huge amount of money to buy a full rack of equipment.

There are many recording studios in Perth that offer all benefits of professional recordings that cannot be found in the home studio. Not to be overlooked is the fact that professional studios like those found in Perth have diversified their functions. They are not just recording studios for professionals, although many of the studios attract professional recording artists. Prices for a two hour sessions are relatively inexpensive and more people are looking to get involved in music by either recording their own music or even buying a session or two for their family and friends. Digital downloads may be disrupting the music industry, but the future for professional recording studios is expanding and offering up numerous opportunities for those in the music industry.

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