Organizations that use telephone communication between themselves and clients or customers need to present a good impression on all systems using voice recording. Providing a clear, timely and professional voice message will maintain and enhance relationships with clients and customers.

The only way to achieve a professional voice recording is by employing an experience recording studio. They will be able to handle the audio mastering with ease, as this is what they do. Specialist recording studios can also offer a professional voice over recording and an audio mastering service.

Businesses use a wide range of hardware and software combinations to maintain a high level of communication with their customers. Systems such as interactive voice response configurations, answering machine, Voicemail, and On-hold all require the all essential ingredient of the message. The best tried and tested creator of which being the human voice.

However using just any voice, with a cobbled together script with no professional recording equipment will give the wrong impression. Forget the fact you have state of the art equipment if the voice is poor and the message weak the whole object of the exercise is negated.

We are all well versed in being the recipients of poor voice etiquette i.e. the message on an answering machine the content and delivery of which makes you cringe. Unpicking exactly what it is within the whole message which leads to this response will inform us as to what it is that doesn’t make a good message:

When listening to the voice, we create a picture in our minds. When this voice is the verbal representative of your company, it needs to be chosen with care. Shrill or nasal voices should be avoided as they unfortunately only result in irritation, particularly when a disembodied voice.

The voice has not only got a tenor, but it also has an accent. Like it or not, we all have preconceptions when it comes to accents, and all of these vary depending on our past experiences. Different accents also have their inherent qualities. Some regional accents are soft and pleasant while others are hard and grating to the ear. Accents can also be unclear making the listener struggle to understand the content of the message. Anything which detracts from the message needs to be avoided.

As well as the tone and accent you need to add into the equation of general impressions, the delivery of the voice. Any hesitation in the delivery of the message can give an impression of lack of decision, even lack of assertiveness. A good message needs to induce confidence and trust in the listener. It does, therefore, need to be assertive and confident in delivery.

Any noises off will distract from the message and give a thoroughly unprofessional impression of the company.

Voice over recording specialists will be able to give you a choice of voice over recording artists. Good studios will be happy to provide you will sample audio files for you to listen to at your convenience. Once you have chosen a particular artist, they will also be able to assist you in the construction of your message if you are inexperienced. The voice over recording studio will be able to produce the required recordings and give them to you in any format you require.

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